What Is Your Hair Type And How to Choose The Right Hair Care & Styling Products?

May 19, 2019 4 min read

Gone are the days when men did not need to take care of their hair. It is no longer a time when every man can be just happy with the way their hair looks. Given the incredible rise in fashion trends related to men, you can expect a lot of things to happen. Among the many things of growing importance in our society, men’s hair is at the top of the list. We are more and more engaged in the process of maintaining our looks and taking care of our hair is the first priority. There is a circular effect in this care and the number of products that are available to provide said care. The amount of research that has surfaced regarding men’s hair and its care is quite astounding. Any amateur looking to find products for hair care would easily stray and we will help you avoid that.

Straight hair

It is best to dive right in if you want to get maximum knowledge. Straight hair is probably the very first type anyone thinks of when listing styles. Typically, straight hair are those that maintain a straight line right from the root of the hair to its end. The nature of truly straight hair is that no matter what changes you do, it will eventually become completely straight. This is the defining property of all straight hair.

As far as products go, there is a lot that you can do with straight hair. The reason for this is the fact that straight hair are like an unmarked canvas. You can practically turn them into any style you want. If you want to create a hold with a wet finish, you can go for a pomade or a gel. You can also use wax, putty, cream etc. for a natural look.

Wavy hair

These are similar in nature to straight hair with one defining difference. Wavy hair have a curve in their natural form which tends to show once the hair are long enough. The waves don’t really show when the hair are small. In most cases, they have to go beyond 1.5 inches to start showing their curvy nature. Generally speaking, it is suitable to choose a treatment that allows your hair to retain some moisture. This is critical since dry wavy hair quickly become disheveled in their look.

Generally, hair stylists recommend that you choose products that are able to give a wet finish to your hair. Creams and pomades are a great source for that. Hairsprays are generally drying but there are moisturizing versions available as well which can work. For creating a hold, wax and clay etc. simply won’t work but you can use mousse with oil for moisture.

Curly Hair

As long as the hair are reasonably curled and you can identify the curls, they come under this category. Maintaining this style can be a bit difficult. However, if you can pull this off right, it can be a very sexy look for you. Curly hair are basically thick and have a nature given style in them. As long as you understand that basic knowledge, you can do some pretty amazing stuff with it.

Most commonly used products are pomades and creams for curly hair. The purpose is to create some room for changes while giving the hair a nice shine. You can also change the image of your hair by using mousse to add volume and thickness. This allows for a more defined look in the hair. We highly recommend that you do not use products like clay, gel, wax etc. as they are incredibly dry for curly hair.

Kinky Hair

If you put curly hair on steroids, you end up with kinky hair. The amount of curling in this style is much denser and it is difficult to identify individual curls apart. It is safe to say that it is one of the most difficult hairstyles to deal with. The playing area you get with kinky hair is quite small and should be utilized carefully.

As far as products go, anything that causes drying is a straight no-go. You need to stay away from most products including gels, pomades, wax, clay and other similar products. Creams are probably the only type that works. Having one that offers moisturizing properties is quite essential to avoid unnecessary harm. You can also use oils for treatment to ensure deep nourishment and eradication of any dryness in the scalp. Furthermore, products like hair conditioners are also a good choice.

Long hair

Like straight hair, long hair are also privileged to have a blank canvas-ish scenario. This means you can enjoy making any type of look you like as long as you don’t dry them out too much. Most men who have long hair prefer to use products that enhance their specific style. While having a specific style is quite alright, having a held look is also not a bad idea for long hairstyles. As far as products are concerned, you can go for the choices provided here:

The most commonly used products are creams, hairsprays and even mousses. All these products usually create a wet finish and that is exactly what you need with long hair. Waxes and clays etc. are not at all ideal for long hair as they mostly give more volume than required. They also create clusters of hair which can look pretty awful.

Finding your mix

While all these types and treatments are standard, no person has standard looking hair. It is quite often a mix of the types mentioned here. You can figure out which ones you link with and create your own regimen from the suggestions provided. The experimentation will help you learn a lot about your own hair as well which is considered a very fun experience in itself!

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