About Mr Brains & Brawn - Evidence Based, High Performance, Functional Skincare, Men's Grooming

"The products are really really helpful. I was strugling from stuborn acne and got worst scars. After use of 15 days i do not have any pimple on my face . And i am sure after 6-7 months of continues use i will get a clear skin .


purchased Acne Scar Treatment Set

29 July 2020

"Mr Brains and Brawn know EXACTLY what's what when it comes to skin care!
After struggling painful pregnancy acne, I was left feeling absolutely defeated and very self-conscious. I struggled with acne on and off as a teenager and spent extraordinary amount of time, money and tears on different products, procedure's and trendy (peach coloured) skincare.
After a Google search for scientifically proven to work and tested skincare I came across Mr Brains and Brawn's ADVANCED ANTI-BREAKOUT REGIMEN SET. 2 months in and my skin is looking incredible. No breakouts no redness and ZERO pain."

G.C.,purchased Advanced Anti-breakout Set

17 March 2020

"I went to work today with no foundation thanks to Mr Brains and Brawn. My confidence in skin has returned. Their products feel fresh and results are noticeable. Don't even get me started about the presentation of the packaging, and personalised cards! Will buy again, and again and again."

S.C., purchased Anti-breakout Regimen Set

26 Oct 2020

About Brains Street

We all want good looking skin. Skin so smooth and clear that we never have to worry about how we’re going to cover it up again. At Brains Street our main goal is to help you get rid of acne and hyperpigmentation as quickly and safely as possible. No more skin struggles so you can start feeling happy and confident in your skin again.

We are all about simplifying the shopping experience of grooming and beauty products for everybody - all genders. You won't see hundreds of brands or products in our website. The reason being, we only select science-backed, ingredient-driven brands which have consistently delivered successful results to their customers since their launch.

Evidence-based, high performing, functional products to help you look your best.

Our dedicated team filters all the marketing bluff, and connects you to a range of reputable brands and products that are carefully selected based on three core principles: Evidence-based, Functional & High-performance.

This ensures you get the results you are looking for, without having to waste time and money on trial and error!
To ensure your shopping journey is truly effortless, we also provide FREE virtual consultations to help you find your customised personal care solutions.

Keeping It Simple

The amount of information regarding health and beauty on the internet can be overwhelming with thousands of products in the market claiming to do pretty much the same thing.

Brains Street's mission is to make shopping for skin care products and creating skincare regimen for different skin concerns a pleasant, knowledgeable and a motivating experience for both men and women, regardless of the level of knowledge they have on skincare.

We don't want anyone to go through multiple trial and errors and spend a lot of time and money to find something that truly works and delivers results with a certain timeframe.

Inclusive - For All Genders

Most of our products are gender neutral- even our grooming balm is unisex!

Different genders may have different skin concerns, however, products do not discriminate. It's all about finding the right product fit.

Please don't hesitate to speak with one of us for a personalised product consultation.

Sustainability and Environmental Commitments

All of our packaging materials are made from recyclable materials and are biodegradable.

To put this into perspective, we don't use bubble wraps including the ones advertised as 'environmental friendly'. Instead we use shredded papers even though it's a more expensive option. We are commited to being sustainable and envrionment-friendly at all times.

We also use Australia Post for all our parcel deliveries, which are recognised as carbon neutral.

We endeavour to reduce our carbon footprints in every way possible.