Choosing the Right Beard Style for Your Face Shape

May 12, 2019 4 min read

It is no secret that beards have become the ultimate fashion point for men across the world. Having a well-maintained beard means everything to any self-conscious man. Some people are lucky to have good hair growth and are able to take care of themselves better. However, having good hair is only the beginning of the challenge. Gaining the perfect look is all about understanding how beards work. To know what suits your face and how you can achieve it is like having a real life skill nowadays. However, not everyone is aware of the subtle science that lies behind all this fashion talk. However, once you have that knowledge, figuring out what suits you best is a very easy matter. To help you out in your pursuit, we are sharing what types of beards suit what face. Read on to find out what type of beard you should keep.

Understanding the Face Types

Before you can go any further, you need to be able to identify the type of face you have. To do that, one needs to measure out the major features of the facial area. We have shortly described how you can measure each of them:

Forehead: The size of the forehead can be measured by simply measuring the distance from both edges of the brows. Make sure you measure the outer edges as to cover the whole face.

Cheekbones: Your cheekbone starts at the corner of your eye and goes all the way down to your mouth where the pointed bone ends.

Jawline: The jawline starts at the center of your chin. From there it goes all the way to the ear where the jaw changes its angle upwards.

Face Length: The length of the face is from the center of hairline all the way to the center of chin.

Face types and suitable styles

Once you have measured the facial dimensions, you will need to check the proportions to determine your facial type. Each facial type has its own suitable styles and we have given the options for you here.

Oval face

This is a face that occurs when the face length is more than the width of the cheekbones. The forehead is also bigger in length than the jawline. Additionally, the angle of the jaws is also more towards the round side than pointed. In terms of flexibility, this face type is probably the most accommodative of all. There are so many styles that you can use with an oval face. The goal here is to counterbalance the roundness of the face with some edges. To achieve that you need to have an edged beard that is basically short on both sides and is also cut from the underside with clean lines at the cheek areas. The purpose of this is to give a more defining look to your face while making it look fuller.

Rectangle face

This particular face constitutes of a longer face length than all other features. While the face is long, all other aspects discussed above are usually the same lengthwise. This basically makes the face look like a long box. The only rule is to not keep a length focused beard. Do that and consider yourself doomed. It is all about finding a balance. To do that, you need to have a beard that is wide and heavy on the cheeks. What that does is give the impression that you have a wider jawline. Going for an elongated beard will not make you look good at all, so avoid that at all costs.

Triangle face

The most prominent part of this face type is the chin. Since we expect chins to normally be small, having a larger setting can attract attention. And that is all you need to do; distract from the chin. The best way to do that is by applying what you may call a “beardstache”. This is basically a full moustache with a stubble beard. Anything more than that and you might risk losing proportions. In a world where symmetrical looks are practically worshipped, that is not a move you want to make. If you are really craving having beard hair on your face then you may consider larger sideburns. This accommodation is only as long as you can keep your chin squared off.

Round face


In this look, the face length and the cheekbones are almost the same in length. The forehead and the jawlines are however smaller than those two. This results in a face that is virtually round in shape. With key facial features almost missing, that is exactly what your beard is meant to bring back. To do so you need to keep the hair on your cheeks at a minimum and ensure length at the chin area. This will create a triangular look in the beard which should counterbalance the roundness. A time trusted style is to have a goatee with either a clean face or a bit of stubble on the cheeks.

Heart face

This particular shape comes up when the largest part of the face is the forehead and the length decreases as you go downward, ending with a very small chin. The focus should be to avoid enhancing the apparent lack of facial features. This can be done by avoiding a beard altogether. But don’t worry, we have an alternate solution. You can grow stubble and give volume to hair on your chin and also your moustache. This will bring a bit of balance in the look and won’t affect the weak lining of your face.

Finding the right style

We have not delved too much into the specific styles that one may choose for their face. The reason is that no two faces are the same. The purpose here is only to ensure that you work in the right direction. Now that you know what to look for, find out what shape you are and see what beard suits you.

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