A Beginner's Guide to Beard Care

May 12, 2019 4 min read

We, men, obsess about beards nowadays more than we do over anything else. Given how quickly beards have become the top fashion statement for men, this reaction is completely normal. However, simply becoming stressed is of no use to anyone. The only way you can keep your beard game strong is by doing some very critical things. These things are actually quite basic but without them, you could very well be lost. It is important that you take every single thing explained here very seriously if you want to have a respectable beard. We will not be going into the details of treatments and whatnot that are available nowadays. Those things are for people who are always going overboard with everything. What we have here is a collection of tips that you can take along with you in every scenario.

Patience is the key!

To be able to maintain a great beard, the very first thing that you need is to actually have one! Yes, you read that right! When talking about beard maintenance a lot of guys tend to forget this very fundamental part. The question that one raises immediately in beard grooming is how much have you grown. The answer to this question is what determines how much success you will have in getting a good beard. A lot of men are too impatient and are ready to take the blade to their throats, literally. However, before you can style your beard, you need to have a suitably long beard to begin with. It is important to realize that not all hair grows at the same rate on the beard. Waiting for at least 1-2 months without any trimming whatsoever can be tedious but reaps great rewards.

Always do a Style Match

The basic principle that lies at the heart of beard maintenance is to realize that not all faces are the same. What this means is that you can’t just pick a style randomly and decide to keep it. It is all about aesthetics. Matching your face to the style of beard you want can be the difference between a great look and goofiness! So yeah, do some research so you can figure out your face type and what style matches it. Mostly you will hear of face types like oval, oblong, rectangle, triangle, diamond, heart etc. All these face types have their own unique features and therefore suits specific beard styles. Some of them are actually similar to each other as well so make sure you don’t get confused. Consulting a barber to get a professional opinion is also highly recommended.

Trim it right

Depending on the style you choose for your beard, you will also need to trim it in a certain way. Once you have grown your beard long enough, you will need to trim it into the shape you want. However, even before that happens, you will probably need to trim. In case you are growing your beard for a longer look, it doesn’t mean you just leave it be. A little bit of pruning is still required and can actually do wonders in the long run. Maintaining a decent look is essential and keeping the growth of the hair balance is important. Choose a good quality trimming to remove excess and unwanted hair. The fading technique is a very common method for growing beards. Those who want to trim it down, we highly suggest taking a trip to the barber. This will help you understand how to cut your beard.

Regular washing

Moisture is important for the hair just as it is important for the skin. Your beard hair needs water to stay fresh. Make sure that you wash your beard on a daily basis. This is to wash away all the dead cells and food pieces that may be trapped in there. Having a good quality beard scrub is the ideal scenarios here. Once you are done with the washing, make sure you dry it using easy patting gestures. Some people have a habit of drying their beard thoroughly to remove every single drop of water. This causes serious frizz damage and also introduce split ends in your hair which is scary business.

Beard oil is everything

We do not think it is possible to stress enough on the importance of Beard Oil. The shiny, tamed and free look that it creates in the beard is something you can’t achieve with any product. There is absolutely nothing bad that you can point out about beard oils. Nowadays, there is an endless collection of scents that you can avail depending on your own taste and look. While some may prefer floral of minty scents, most popular ones are wooden in nature.

Growing them straight

If you are one of those people who have straight beard hair, count yourself among those 1 percent lucky men. The rest of you should continue reading. We all know that our beards have a tendency to curl up or change direction as they grow longer. Having a beard brush is essential to ensure that no hair get tangled with each other and that the hair you have are growing downward only.

Moustache is also important

It is impossible to have an awesome looking beard without having an equally awesome looking moustache. Always keep grooming scissors in your pocket so you can remove and trim the hair on your moustache whenever needed. To ensure a stronger hold, you can also use moustache wax to give a firmer look.


All of the above will only work if you are also consuming a good diet. To ensure good hair growth and value, you will need to introduce items like Vitamins B3, B5, B9.  You will also need to consume protein-heavy diets to ensure faster growth as well.

The points shared here form the basics of beard care. Follow them and you will never feel lost in any beard maintenance related scenario.

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