Proven Steps To Manage Coarse Hair

July 16, 2019 4 min read



When it comes to men's hairstyling and which hair products to pick from, it is very important to know your hair type first. This will guarantee you achieve your desired hairstyle with ease and a very healthy, happy hair and scalp.

This article is mainly for those guys who have been living with coarse, unruly and wavy hair. This hair feels rough, looks dull, feels dry and can grow in different directions. The positive is, this type of hair is most often very healthy and strong. The negative is that this type of hair can be quite challenging when trying to style.

What is a Coarse Hair and What Hairstyles To Go for?

Coarse hair can be identified by thick hair texture. If you don’t know which type of hair texture you have, a great way to find out is by rolling a strand between your fingers. If the strand feels thick between your fingertips, you probably have coarse hair. 

Also, there are so many hairstyles to choose from for men with thick coarse hair and they always seem to look good. Point to note is, whichever hairstyle you go with, you need to consider the time you want to invest looking after it, styling it and also whether you want short or long hair.  Long slick back with undercut, messy crop with mid skin fade, spiky pompadour with low fade, comb over fade with medium length are all trendiest hairstyles for men with thick hair. In essence, hottest men’s haircuts and hairstyles for thick hair involve a messy, textured style on top with a short cut on the sides, such a fade or undercut.

How To Manage Coarse Hair?

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Men with coarse hair are both cursed and blessed. Cursed because it is most of the times challenging to style and maintain thick unruly hair; however, blessed because they are able to style it to most of the trendiest men's hairstyles. Coming down to basics, if you can get hold of a good moisturizing hair conditioner and good hair pomade, getting a style of your choice is not that difficult.

  1. Dry Cautiously- One common way to damage hair is rubbing our towel on it when it is wet. Our hair is brittle and more susceptible to breakage the wet. Therefore, when drying your hair, pat the hair with a towel instead of rubbing your head. Also, stay AWAY from blow dryers because it adds extra volume which you don’t need and the heat from it further damages your coarse hair.
  2. Avoid Thinning Your Hair- Next time you are at the barbershop, ask your barber to not use thinning shears on your hair. Thinning hair can create lots of shorter pieces that actually hold up long hair and contribute to a bushier look, which you don’t need. Ask any experienced barber and they will tell you the same.
  3. Moisturising Shampoo And Conditioner Is A Must- Every guy with coarse dry hair should use a good moisturising shampoo and a conditioner. This will keep their hair soft and moisturised. You don’t need to shampoo it every day though. Conditioning your hair every day and shampooing 3x a week is enough.  
  4. Use A Right Product- Since coarse hair is drier than other hair types, finding a right pomade that keeps it moisturised, in place and in control is EXTREMELY important You don’t want to end up with a product that drys and loses its hold after a couple of hours of application.

Best Men's Haircuts and Hairstyles for Coarse Hair: How To Style Coarse Hair

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While coarse hair can be difficult to manage, with a good haircut, styling tips, and products, guys can achieve the hottest looks. Whether you want a long comb over fade, a short slicked back undercut or a textured brush back, men with thicker hair have the ability to style the coolest classic and modern haircuts.

Listed below are some of the top timeless men’s hairstyles of 2019. 

  1. Comb Over Fade With Medium Length- For this hairstyle, a thick hair and a good styling product are compulsory. Also, a clean beard design pairs beautifully with the short sides and long top hairstyle.
  2. Faux Hawk With Fade- A nice fade and a line up make any faux hawk look fresher due to contrast. However, it’s important to note that this hairstyle is all about styling. Therefore, guys with thick hair can wear this look much better given their hair will have more volume and texture.
  3. Quiff With Low Drop Fade- The modern quiff is a men's hairstyle that is popular all around the world. Combine it with a low drop fade on the sides and back, and you will look awesome in no time with the textured variation.
  4. Shaped Up Spiky Pompadour With Low Fade-  This hairstyle will look attractive in men with thick hair with high volume. You need to have a lot of hair to work with to pull this style off successfully.
  5. Long Back Undercut- Also known as David Beckham's hairstyle this will look really good in men with long thick hair. 
  6. Short Messy Crop with Mid Skin Fade- This hairstyle is one of the popular men's haircut styles in 2019. It is easier to maintain and goes well with most face shapes.

Regardless of whether you have straight, curly or wavy thick hair, we are confident that you’ll be able to find a cool style and cut for a fresh look this year.

    Recommendation- We recommend Firsthand Clay Pomade. The reason being, it is extremely versatile and designed to provide a firm yet flexible hold. The hold is long-lasting and it is easy to restyle your hair throughout the day. Another thing, this product is formulated to look after your hair and scalp. Definitely worth a shot to try and find out by yourself.

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