Tensage Advanced Cream Moisturiser 30g


Tensage Advanced Cream Moisturiser 30g

A highly emollient, richly textured moisturising cream with growth factor benefits as well as Vitamin E to help address signs of ageing and skin damage. 

Best for dry, dehydrated skin, ageing skin, dull skin, hyperpigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles.

What's So Special?

- Uses skin firming agents to promote firmer, smoother looking skin

- Uses SCA Biorepair Index 6 technology

- Promotes more luminous, youthful looking skin

- Protects skin from free-radical damage

Key Ingredients

- SCA Biorepair Technology

- Vitamin E

How To Use

Apply to cleansed, dry skin once or twice daily. If using a serum, apply Tensage Advanced Cream on top of serum after it has absorbed into the skin.