Want to Go Clean? This is What We Found

September 23, 2019 3 min read

Organic Clean Ingredients

The fashion industry for men has sprawled into a huge behemoth and you will find products that range from the best to the worst. And they are available everywhere, which makes it difficult for a lot of men to choose. Knowing what to look for is still not the forte for a lot of men and one can easily be misguided. It is important that you carry with yourself sufficient prior information before you go on a shopping spree for men’s hair and skincare products. One of the most basic steps to take is to go natural. Always choose products that are made with ingredients that are clean and sourced honestly.

We have curated some respected names that provide great products that are created using natural ingredients and work like a charm for pretty much anyone who tries them. And they don’t cost a fortune either so let us dive right in!


Firsthand Supply


In a world where most of the beauty and personal care companies are trying to sell their products focusing mainly on promises over-hyped by marketing, Firsthand is setting the example by making effective products that deliver what it says and they are completely transparent with what goes in each of their products and stand by it. With a wide array of facial and hair care products for men, they only provide the things that we truly need. So really what more could you want? Here’s what you can expect to get from Firsthand products:

  • It is a company that takes the whole concept of “natural and sustainable” to the level that it truly deserves.
  • Not only is their packaging made with the right material, but its products are also completely natural.
  • The benefits of getting nutrients from natural sources are incredible and these guys have truly invested themselves in that idea.
  • You can fulfil all your showering and hairstyling needs at a price that is truly affordable.


Brooklyn Grooming


This particular brand displays the science of botanicals married with clean ingredients and propriety mixing techniques to make powerful and effective personal care products. From personal styling enthusiasts to professional barbers and dressers, everyone recognizes the quality of Brooklyn Grooming products. They have a plethora of offerings that range from beard and hair waxes, oils, pomades etc. to facial and body care products like serums, soaps, balms and a lot more. Some benefits of buying BG products include the following:

  • Highly researched products that ensure the best performance and results
  • Amazing scents in each product to ensure that you use it to your heart’s content and not worry about putting anyone off
  • All-natural ingredients ensure an organic experience that saves you from harmful chemicals
  • Decades of old school grooming knowledge mixed with modern technology to create perfect products for hair care and skincare
  • Environmentally friendly practices and a long line of happy returning customers
  • Best quality products and services at a price that is affordable for most people

This list goes on and on but I think you get the point!


The Organic Pharmacy


The Organic Pharmacy Australia


When it comes to maintaining your health, especially the skin, this is certainly a go-to brand. The extensive range of products for both men and women includes both tools and gels/serums/oils etc. You can also opt for their kits which cover a broad range of requirements in a single package. The best part? Some highlights of the perks you get with this brand include:

  • Advanced and deep research for each product to ensure the best performance
  • A long history of consistently good practices and happy customers
  • Naturally sourced ingredients for a truly organic experience, and much more

Check out all the latest offerings from the brands we have shared here, and you can rest assured that you will receive a wholesome hair and skincare experience.

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