The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining a Strong Beard

September 05, 2019 4 min read

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The latest in fashion trends have clearly dictated that beards are growing in popularity and they are going to stay for a while. Growing a beard and growing it the right way is not as easy as some men without a beard might think. It requires a lot of effort and surprisingly/not surprisingly, knowledge of beard care products. As it happens, the number of people who can don a beautiful looking beard with just a comb is a very rare breed. For most of us lads, it has to be the path of care and maintenance. However, it is not something that one should be bored with. In fact, once you start grooming your beard you will realise how incredibly satisfying this whole activity is. And the rewards are all the more worthwhile if you know what to do to get the right results. Brooklyn Grooming and Prospectors are two names that command an obvious level of respect in beard grooming and we will show you why.


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Attaining the Right Length - Why is Getting The Right Beard Length so Important?

It is critical that you grow your beard to a length that matches your overall facial and body structure. This is the most important part of beard grooming as keeping the wrong style will result in a disaster. No amount of product will help you carry a style that simply isn’t meant for you. To ease your burden, you can easily find guides that explain what beard styles go with each type of face and physique. Once you have determined the right style, try it out by getting your beard to that length. Now some people do face the issue of less hair growth and the only recommendation we can give is to be patient. If that is not possible then you can also find a beard style that requires lesser length and can, therefore, be attained easily.


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Professional styling - Should I Style My Beard Myself or Should I Go to a Barber?

We men are certainly fond of buying and playing around with our own trimming and shaving tools. It makes us feel all the manlier, even if is not our forte. What we mean is that it is not necessary that you were born a beard trimming champ. There is quite a big chance that your skills with the machine and blade are not the finest. Such a case means that you require professional help i.e. a good barber. Those guys know their work and can certainly outdo any effort that you may make yourself. This, of course, is in no way meant to deter those who have confidence in their own abilities. If you trust your own hands then please go ahead by all means.

Regular Oiling is Key - Do You Need to Use Beard Oil Every Day?

While you can see beards on a lot of people’s faces, you will notice that the ones oiled regularly look truly alive. And that is exactly what the purpose of the oil is anyway. It gives a look of liveliness with its shine and makes it look more pronounced on the face. There are countless different types of oils that you can find and use for your beard. The oils can be both scented and unscented and you can choose one depending on your preference.

The Commando Grooming Oil by Brooklyn Grooming is a great unscented oil that you can use. This oil is:

  • Lightweight and provides excellent shine
  • Being fragrance-free makes it unisex which means you can also share this with your partner
  • Loaded with Omega 3 and 6 from Hemp Seed Oil
  • Sesame Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil come together in this to provide a plethora of benefits and protection

However, Bay Rum Beard Oil by Prospectors is in our opinion a great choice too, if you want to go for a scented oil option. This one also has a long list of benefits including:

  • A concoction rich in nutrients derived from natural materials
  • It gives your beard a great lively look and a healthy shine
  • Bay Rum scent is very light and very lovely to smell too and is long-lasting as well


Beard Tonics - Are Hair and Beard Tonic Important?

Shaping beards is the biggest phenomenon in current men’s fashion trends. There is a high chance you won’t be able to attain the desired look just by using beard oil. So having something for your pomace to grab is very necessary. This is where beard tonics come in. While you can find a wide range of tonics to try out, we find Pilgrim's Classic Hair and Beard Tonic by Brooklyn Grooming a great place to start off.

  • It ensures a thicker look while avoiding frizz in every weather
  • The compatibility of this product with a wide range of hair also makes it a go-to product for most enthusiasts as well.
  • A long-lasting effect that can even work overnight
  • All-natural ingredients make for a truly organic experience
  • The beautiful scent from organic rosemary which also increases blood flow and results in healthier hair

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