HA Densimatrix 30ml

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  • - Moisturises, rejunvenates and repulps skinby providing, stimulating and protecting Hyaluronic Acid presence in key skin layers
  • - Prevents skin ageingby protecting Hyaluronic Acid from degradation and blocking free radicals
    - Improves skin firmness and elasticity and corrects wrinkles
    by promoting Collagen and Elastin synthesis
  • - Suitable for post medical skin treatment use- enhances and maintains the result of intradermal fillers
Some intrinsic (age) and extrinsic factors (sun, environmental factors, stress) reduces the presence of Hyaluronic Acid in the skin, worsening the quality of HA synthesised naturally and speeding up its degradation, which results in a loss of hydration, elasticity, tissue atrophy and appearance of wrinkles.

Product Highlights

HA Densimatrix® Complex

It combines Hyaluronic Acid in several molecular forms (cross-linked, high, middle and low) with an active ingredient that enhances endogenous synthesis.

Provides a filling action and a deep, long-lasting moisturising action for a greater juiciness, elasticity and turgor of tissues.

Anti-Hyaluronidase Complex

It protects from Hyaluronic Acid degradation by inhibiting the action of the Hyaluronidase enzyme and blocking the oxidation caused by external aggressions.

Antiageing Pro Complex

It firms intensely the tissues and prevents wrinkle formation by improving the synthesis of skin support fibres: collagen and elastin.

Ultralight Water-gel Texture

Fresh, immediate absorption.

Clinically Proven Efficacy


+ All ages & all skin types

+ Dehydrated skin

+ Skin requires anti-ageing support

+ After medical cosmetic treatments of intradermal Hyaluronic Acid administration to enhance and maintain the results


HA Densimatrix 30ml



HA Densimatrix 30ml

How To Use


After cleaning and drying the skin, apply 3-4 drops of HA Densimatrix over it, and massage to complete absorption.

It must be applied before the regular treatment cream or sunscreen; its ultralight texture makes it compatible with any complementary treatment applied after it.

In case of sun exposure or skin pigmentation problems, the daily application of a sunscreen is essential.