Brooklyn Grooming

Complete Beard Grooming Kit - Cleanse, Style & Condition


Brooklyn Grooming

Complete Beard Grooming Kit - Cleanse, Style & Condition

Keeping your beard in good condition is crucial to achieving its healthy appearance and affecting the way it feels on your face. For example, washing your beard is a key step to combating any commonly suffered itching.

Similar to beard soap, beard oil is one of the most important tools in your grooming kit if you’re serious about maintaining a healthy, attractive beard. It just is. It gets rid of itchiness underneath the beard, combats beard dandruff, makes your beard smell good and also treats acne underneath

This set is ideal for people who are growing a beard, love keeping it well-groomed without breaking the bank and spending too much time on trial and error.

What's in the set?

1. Beard Soap 

This luxurious beard soap is made from a richly nutritious combination of Vermont family farmed Goat's Milk, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, and Pure Olive Oil. Producing a light, foamy lather, this beard soap will gently scrub off dirt from the beard, moisturises it in nourishing protection and makes it smell refreshing with a warm scent of Cedar and Spruce.

2. Commando Grooming Oil 30ml 

A perfect addition to your daily beardcare routine that gets the job done like no other. Fragrance-free, the ingredients in this oil goes deep into the beard as opposed to laying on top. It also gets absorbed into your skin very quickly leaving your skin feeling smooth, yet greaseless. Most users start feeling the increased softness in their beard within a week of using this product. It is called a Grooming oil instead of just beard oil because it has been formulated to be used not just as beard oil but also as a hair oil and oil cleanser.

3. Williamsburg Grooming Balm

This beard balm contains nutrituve blend of Sesame Oil, Hempseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Candelilla Wax, Unrefined Shea Butter, Cedar Atlas, Cedar Virginia, and Vitamin E designed to make managing and styling longer, thicker, coarser beard in an easy task.

Why Brooklyn Grooming?

Brooklyn Grooming has been making a certified organic range of premium men's grooming products since 2012. Every batch of Brooklyn Grooming product is dosed, measured and handmade in Brooklyn, NY. The powerful formulation backed by botanical science with meticulously thought out scent blends and packaging has made them a winner of multiple grooming awards.

They have been featured in and recommended by premium men's health and lifestyle magazines because of their consistent excellent performance and commitment to making cruelty-free products using potent but clean & non-toxic ingredients. 


Step 1 - Cleanse the bearded area with water and then massage a small amount of beard soap into the beard. Rinse through with water. Do this every third day.

Step 2 - Once out of the shower, comb the beard through with a beard brush or sturdy comb to remove any knots.

Step 3 - Pour several drops of Commando Grooming Oil to the palm of your hand (amounts vary based on beard fullness, length and hair texture) then rub into the body of the beard, taking care to fully coat the beard from skin to end. Apply a small amount of Williamsburg Beard Balm and massage into the beard.

Step 4 - Comb through your beard again to form your desired shape.